Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Project Announcement No. 8: Final Report

Project Announcement No. 8 December 17, 2014: Final Report

The CLLEVER study investigating team would like to announce that the final report submitted to the Office for Learning and Teaching is now publicly available here.

The CLLEVER study investigating team particularly want to acknowledge and thank the participants for their contribution.
The executive summary of the final report is available on the resources page of the blog.

The outcomes of the study are:
  •  A literature review and annotated bibliography of literature relevant to the
            governance of advanced specialty competency learning and teaching for healthcare

            practitioners in clinical settings
  • A set of nurse practitioner metaspecialties (broad areas of specialty) for clinical
           practice in healthcare
  • Empirical evidence of those elements of educational governance in clinical settings
           requiring strengthening
  • A framework of governance for learning and teaching of advanced clinical specialty
  • Identification of learning and teaching strategies to inform a capability approach for
          academic liaison staff, clinical supervisors or mentors and post-graduate students.

 The following recommendations are made:

Recommendation directed at universities that offer Nurse Practitioner Masters programs:

1. The six metaspecialties and the areas of need identified in Phase 3 are used to guide post-graduate learning and teaching for nurse practitioner students.

Uptake: This Final Report (once released by the OLT) will be included as reference material to provide empirical evidence for the review of the Nurse Practitioner accreditation standards, currently being undertaken by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

Recommendations directed at healthcare providers, the nurse practitioner profession and other health professional groups:

2. The six metaspecialties are used to guide career development for nurse practitioners.

Uptake: Queensland Health is using the metaspecialties to guide NP scope of practice for prescribing and medication management.

3. Applicability of the metaspecialty list to other health professional groups should be explored, particularly in terms of their utility to inform optimal groupings of professionals to collaborate in learning and teaching.

Recommendation directed at the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (ACNP) and other professional groups with nurse practitioner members:

4. Examples are developed to assist nurse practitioners and others to understand the way that the metaspecialties can be used as tools for guiding clinical learning and teaching.

Recommendations directed at the health service research community and research funding bodies:

5. Further research is undertaken to validate the metaspecialty groupings.

6. Further research is undertaken to develop a framework for educational governance of advanced specialty learning and teaching in the clinical workplace.

7. Further research is undertaken to explore the way that the metaspecialties can be used as tools for guiding clinical learning and teaching.

Uptake: A research project funded by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant is currently underway and will address Recommendations 5, 6 and 7.