Educating nurse practitioners : advanced specialty competence, clinical learning & governance

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Project overview:

The number of advanced and specialist clinical practice degrees at Master’s level is increasing to meet the healthcare needs of the community. By their very nature these courses have a strong clinical focus in their learning and skill development. Whilst learning is primarily conducted in the workplace, under the supervision of highly skilled professionals, the final qualification is awarded by the university. This project will use one specialty group of nurse practitioners as the demonstration field of practice to explore, articulate and document teaching and learning processes.

The aim of this study is to develop a governance framework for learning and teaching of advanced specialty practice in the workplace. The project outcomes will include teaching and learning tools and a framework for teaching, learning and assessment in complex clinical workplace situations. We anticipate the materials developed will be relevant across a broad range of disciplines.

 This project has 3 phases:

Phase 1: Literature Review, to confirm clinical specialty competencies already developed where these exist, and to develop an educational governance discussion paper.

Phase 2: Identify and confirm meta-specialties through review and a workshop with broad specialty representation from the Australian College of Nurse Practitioners.

 Phase 3: Case Study, to undertake observation and interviews with three groups; Nurse Practitioner students, their university supervisors and clinical supervisors, to inform and validate an education governance framework.

For further questions regarding this project, please contact the Project leader, Prof. Anne Gardner.


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